At the Ceiling Fan Company, our goal is to match the exceptional quality of the Hunter Fan Products with equally as exceptional Customer Service.


quote openWe cannot express our appreciation enough for your professionalism, dedication and in-depth knowledge in relation to our recent purchase of the ceiling fans from the Ceiling Fan Company LLC. You were extremely accommodating, patient and understanding of our short to long term needs. Your range is second to none and the quality of the products is exceptional. Whilst every other firm we talked to was the typical “sales” only and we knew exactly there would be no knowledge behind the sale of the product nor any actual real effort in customer understanding; you and your firm were absolutely outstanding in every aspect. Thanks again from some very happy clients! Kind regards.
The Kelaart-Courtney cquote closelan – Dubai


quote openAfter a long search for an outdoor ceiling fan, Joan, from The Ceiling Fan Company supplied a gorgeous, high quality model within 24 hours which exceeded our expectations.
D Ingram – Jumeirquote closeah Islands, Dubai

quote openWe are so pleased with the fans. They run whenever we are at home. They were very effective during the summer and allowed us to turn the AC thermostat up a little, saving power, and reducing noise a lot as they are smooth and silent. They provided a gentle breeze which kept us cool rather than having to endure a roaring freezing blast from fixed vents in the living room. They are still lovely now that the air con is off. We open up the patio doors and they push fresh air all over the house.
Bobquote close B. – Dubai

quote openWe bought a ceiling fan from The Ceiling Fan Company for our breakfast room where our new Golden Retriever puppy spent most of his time. Over the long hot months of summer the fan has kept her cool & happy and now that we have another Golden Retriever, they both are very happy customers!! We also decided to get one for the outdoor patio and once doing that, we have bought new patio furniture, added plants and we sit outside and enjoy the gentle breeze that flows from the fan above. It is just perfect!! The big upside is the fact that the breeze keeps the flies away & the dogs by our feet!! Thank you Ceiling Fan Company for bringing excellent North American fans to Dubai . They are quiet, attractive and long lasting.
Pat Hquote closeart – Dubai

quote openVery happy with our fans – the right tool for the job and ideally suited to the Dubai Climate – they look great too!!  Many thanks.
R.M. Warquote closener – Dubai

quote openThe fan is doing well on our ceiling…..cool breeze…. No issues….
Rogequote closer R – Dubai

quote openThe Ceiling Fan Company was the only one with high quality products and availability.
K.Tanninen – Duquote closebai Marina, Dubai

quote openIt was nice to deal with a local based company and to see some quality fan options finally become available in Dubai . The advice, guidance and after care service has been both personal and professional and we have already recommended TCFC.
Zara Evans – Greenquote close Community, Dubai

quote openI had been looking for ceiling fans for a while as I was tired of constantly paying large DEWA bills and adjusting the aircon all the time! I was referred to The Ceiling Fan Company and I was delighted with both their products and their service. The fans add character to each room and have been well received by all the constant visitors to our home! Thoroughly recommended……
Mike Woquote closelff – Dubai

quote openWe are quite pleased with the fans installed at our home. They are exactly what we were hoping for in terms of elegance, performance and energy-saving potential.
Luis & Rocio De Freitas – Palm Jumeiquote closerah – Dubai

quote open150% satisfied…I LOVE THEM!!!!!
Tracyquote close H. – Dubai

quote openI am VERY HAPPY with my purchases & more so with your professional approach with a human touch…. a quality that is fast becoming non-existent in this materialistic world. It has been & will be my pleasure to recommend your company & it’s products.
Manjulquote closea D – Dubai

quote openThe Ceiling Fan Company and its staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional in their service. The choices were excellent and provided us with many ideas to make our home more comfortable, thanks guys.
N Smith – Knowledquote closege Village, Dubai

quote openPurchasing a Hunter ceiling fan was a great decision, enabling us to turn down the a/c yet still maintain a comfortable circulation of air – and help reduce utility bills which is never a bad thing. The service provided by the Ceiling Fan Company from initial contact, through decision making and installation was superb.
C Purchquote closease – Dubai

quote openWe were very impressed with the personal and quick service.
Nick and Adriana Waterquote closeman – Dubai

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